Clan MacGregor Tartan
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The surname MacGregor is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac
meaning "son of Griogar".
The personal name Griogar is a Gaelic form of the personal name Gregory

The Clan Gregor is believed to have originated in Scotland during the 9th
century. The MacGregors suggest that they take their name from Gregor (derived
from the Latin 'Gregorius' and the Late-Greek 'Gregorios' which means "Alert, Watchful, or Vigilant"). Gregor is said to be a son of the
Scottish king Alpin II Mac Eochaidh and younger brother of Kenneth MacAlpin,
the now famous Scottish king who first united Scotland in A.D. 843. Alpin II was the son of Eochaidh VI 'the Poisonous,' High King of Scots, by his marriage to his cousin, the Pictish Princess Royal, and thus had claims to the Scottish
and Pictish Thrones.

Alpin was defeated and allegedly beheaded in his attempt to gain the
Pictish Throne. His son, Kenneth, was successful, taking advantage of Viking
harassment of the Picts from the east. While there is no surviving concrete
record of a younger 'Prince Gregor', the Gregg Family website claims that an
ancient Latin record of the Alpinian family mentions a Gregor who was a
commander in the army of Kenneth Mac Alpin. Kenneth had a least one other known
brother, Donald, who succeeded him as king of Scots. Unfortunately, most of the
early public records of Scotland were destroyed by order of the English King
Edward Plantagenet, during his occupation of Scotland at the end of the 13th


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