Ribbon Cut To Length

We offer a cut & heat sealing (Anti-fray) service for ​our ribbon or even ribbon supplied by the customer (Subject to a sucessful test).

This will prevent any fraying to the fabric and is perfect for gift wrapping bows.
We can cut in either a 90o or 45o angle in any length from 5mm to 1000mm+ in either non-registration (the most poplar method) or in registration - See examples of this below.

Non registration (most popular) - The ribbon is cut to a specific length regardless of the logo being intact


  • Can be produced very quickly - Thousands of units per day

  • Is cheaper than registration cut / seal


  • Possibility of the logo being cut at either the start or end of the ribbon

Registration - The ribbon is cut to a specific length and cut ensuring each logo is intact



  • Each & Every Logo will be whole regardless of length


  • Is more costly to produce due to additional ribbon wastage

  • Repeat spacing may have to be altered to ensure all logos are whole

  • Takes longer to produce therfore lead times will increase slightly



This product is still under development for on-line purchasing.

Please contact us for this particular service and we will be only too pleased to help.